Personal stories

What’s it like to work at Dean Healthcare? Here are some personal stories from some of our team.

Support Worker

Adrian works as a Support Worker for Dean Healthcare. He provides support within a supported living environment to Alan, a young adult with Autism.

Throughout the day Adrian supports Alan with his day to day tasks including assistance washing himself and cleaning his flat. They conduct a weekly budget for him, and they enjoy trips together at the shops and the cinema. Adrian loves working with Alan and has built up a huge rapport with him when previously, Alan was uncommunicative and would display some challenging behaviour on a daily basis. Since working with Adrian this has subsided and Alan says he is much happier now. Alan’s Mum says it is just amazing to see the progress he has made and the contentment in his life. Additionally, Adrian can balance his work around the needs of his young family, and he chooses which days he can work around his childcare.

Healthcare assistant

Ludmilla is a Healthcare Assistant who works full-time for Dean Healthcare. She works in a busy Nursing home providing all aspects of personal care and support to the 60 residents within the home.

Every day is a challenge, but Ludmilla feels supported and equipped by Dean Healthcare to meet the everchanging needs of the residents in the service, having been provided specialist, practical training in moving and handling of people, dementia and de-escalation techniques which makes her able to provide a high-quality level of care delivered in a safe manner to the those she cares for. Dean Healthcare have been able to offer Ludmilla the mixture of day and night shifts she requires, and Ludmilla knows that they are available 24 hours a day to answer any queries she may have and she enjoys catching up with the team weekly for feedback on how things are going. She hopes one day to return to study and knows that she will be able to reduce her weekly hours to accommodate this.


Abeba is a qualified, registered mental health nurse. She works as a community nurse for the NHS and works for Dean Healthcare part-time alongside this at a specialist nursing home for people with Dementia and complex needs.

Abeba loves the fact she can choose her weekly shifts around her permanent role in the NHS as sometimes she may be too tired to even pick up a shift. If this is the case she can take her availability off at any given time and work flexibly around her own time which is great around the needs of her young family. She likes the fact that the nursing home role gives her time to build quality relationships with not only those she supports but also her fellow colleagues. Dean Healthcare provide clinical support with any concerns she has, and assists with her nurse revalidation.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Emily has worked for Dean Healthcare for over 7 years. Starting as an administrator Emily learnt the workings of Dean Healthcare from the grassroots up, understanding and learning how Dean Healthcare ensure their workers are fully compliant and skills matched to the specific needs of their client base and its service’s users.

Having always been a people person with an empathetic approach, Emily was able to build effective relationships with her agency workers and clients alike. Linking both to forge long term relationships, delivering through challenging times and providing consistent levels of care. Emily is now in charge of small team and takes responsibility in ensuring they deliver the same needs as she once did. With the support of her Director and peers, Emily has achieved a lot since she started at Dean Healthcare all with a close family and young son to support too! She will soon be buying her first house and is looking forward to further progression and development at Dean Healthcare.