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December 2023

11 Practical Gifts For Healthcare Workers This Christmas

Christmas is on the horizon, and with it being the season of giving, we’re exploring some of the different practical gifts you can give a Healthcare Worker this Christmas, to make their time at work more enjoyable this festive season!

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Comfortable Footwear

Healthcare workers will attest, that a lot of their time at work is spent on their feet and nothing is better than the feeling of a comfortable, well-fitted pair of shoes to make their day that little bit easier. Comfortable footwear is not only practical, but with so many options, can be styled to a variety of different people’s tastes too.

Compression Socks

Everybody loves receiving socks at Christmas, but compression socks are particularly useful for a Healthcare worker. They work by constricting someone’s feet and legs and, as a result, maintain blood flow and prevent feelings of discomfort or swelling over time.

Meal Prep Containers

We’re not just talking about a cheap 12-pack of disposable plastic Tupperware here. There are a plethora of stylistic meal prep containers available on the market, from those with a luxury matt-finish feeling to some with a spark of bright colour and personality! Meal prep containers are great for flexible workers and encourage them to make meals and take better care of their diet and food intake whilst working.

Stress Relief Items

If you’re struggling with ideas for a Healthcare worker, collate them! A great idea is to create a self-care stress relieving bundle of goodies, not only are they practical, but they’re affordable and will definitely be used by the recipient! Anything from skincare products to hand-creams, cosy winter warmers like gloves or some delicious festive snacks!

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Tablet or E-reader

At this time of year, tablets and e-readers are a great gift option and with 37 million active tablet users in the UK there are many deals to be had and with tons of varieties in the market to suit all ages. They’re a great option for healthcare workers looking for a moment of solitude during their busy day, reading their favourite book after a long day, playing a game on their work break or listening to some festive music on their commute to and from work.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

On the subject of solitude, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is the perfect gift for a healthcare worker looking to ‘switch-off’ and unwind from a busy day. As with other gifts we’ve explored, there are headphones to suit any taste and at a range of prices too.

Subscription Services

Nowadays there is a subscription service for any hobby, interest or passion. From stationary lovers to home-bakers, those looking for a monthly pick-me-up to those who want to discover new flavours, herbs and spices from across the world, there’s something for everyone! A subscription service is a great personal gift and will typically cost anywhere from £10-£30 a month for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

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Personalised Goodies

If you want to give a Healthcare worker a practical gift this Christmas, consider adding a personal touch with customisable options. A stylish bag or chunky notebook with the recipients name on is a great gift and a great way to encourage them to prepare for a good working day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gifting option too, particularly if you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute. But not only that, gift cards are great for healthcare workers who might work flexible shifts that make time for shopping more tricky. Because they can spend gift cards when they want and on what they want, it also means they can find something they will genuinely want to purchase!

Skincare/Hand Cream

With Healthcare workers often carrying out manual tasks throughout their working day, it’s imperative they give their hands and skin a much-needed rest and boost of moisture to keep them looking and feeling healthy. Consider a skincare or hand cream bundle with the recipients favourite scents to make a more personalised gift.

Calendar or Planner

With flexible working shifts and saying ‘yes!’ to short-notice shifts common practise in the healthcare industry, a healthcare worker would benefit greatly from a calendar or planner to jot down this information. The calendar industry in the UK is worth £100 million a year, so there’s bound to be one perfect for your recipient in mind.

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There we have it! 12 practical gifts for Healthcare workers this festive season that we think they’ll enjoy. And remember, practical can be personable, just because something is practical, doesn’t mean it won’t be loved or isn’t special!