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April 2023

Dean Healthcare 2023 Q1 Newsletter

Hello and welcome back to the quarterly Dean Healthcare Newsletter. We hope you’ve all had a great start to your new year and look forward to the prospects of spring, which is right around the corner! Speaking of spring, in this newsletter, we’re taking a look at some Easter activities you can get involved in, including an egg-citing giveaway! We’ll be highlighting the incredible charitable work from one of our super-star Healthcare workers, and we’ll be discussing the latest updates to business including rates of pay, which will affect you.

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‘Hoppy’ Healthcare Easter! 🐰

From everyone at Dean Healthcare, we want to wish you all a very happy Easter! Throughout the next few weeks on social media (@deanhealthcare),we’ll be sharing some Easter themed content, including some delicious vegan recipes. But keep an eye out for some hidden Easter eggs along the way too…

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages over the next few weeks and tell us if you can find all the Easter eggs we’ve hidden. We’ll be rewarding one lucky person with an egg-xtra special gift, in the form of a bonus! Be sure to send us a direct message on social media to be in with the chance of winning! Terms and Conditions Apply*

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A Spotlight On: Paige 👩‍⚕️

If you’re already following us on social media, you’ll have seen our Reels about Paige, one of our incredibly hard-working healthcare workers who, throughout March, has been fundraising for The Sick Children’s Trust, an organisation close to her heart. We wanted to take the time to highlight Paige’s achievement.

“I grew up in the hospital quite a lot. I had hip dysplasia, so I was very fortunate that my family could stay around me during that time, but for a lot of families, especially a lot of less well-off families they have to spend hundreds of pounds on hotels and sleep in cars outside hospitals, but The Sick Children’s Trust means those families can stay close to their child”

You can hear more about Paige’s charitable efforts by seeing her interview Reels on our social media. If you’re feeling inspired, you can also donate to her campaign here:

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Dean Farm Trust 🌳

As part of our commitment to being a more environmentally conscious business, in February, we sent our Strategic Development Manager, Bee, and our Marketing Assistant, Kai, to spend the day at our chosen charity, Dean Farm Trust, where they got stuck in, planting sapling trees in an effort to promote biodiversity and reduce Dean Healthcare’s carbon footprint. They both described the day as ‘incredibly rewarding!’

We’ve created a blog of their day out too, which can be read at

And if you’d like to see the trees Bee and Kai planted, and support the Dean Farm Trust 10 Year Anniversary Open Weekend, please visit the link to purchase your tickets here

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Changes To Rates Of Pay 💸

We understand that the cost-of-living crisis has affected each and every one of our employees in some way, be it through the costs of food, transport or household bills. We also understand that these factors can have a direct impact on mental health, wellbeing and levels of stress. As Dean Healthcare looks to seek this accreditation, we’re pleased to announce that rates of pay for our Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers will be increasing, starting this April. Wherever possible rates of pay will be in line with National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.

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*Giveaway end date April 10th. To enter, you must be a current employer of Dean Healthcare, having worked at least one shift within a 28-day period. Enter via sending us a message on social media, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin. All responses will be pooled and the winner will be selected at random from the results. The winner will be awarded a bonus to be paid to them within 28 days of the giveaway end date.