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April 2024

Dean Healthcare 2024 Spring Newsletter

As the Easter break and Eid celebrations for those concluding Ramadan have passed, we hope, despite the unusually wet weather over the last few weeks, that you have been able to take some time to find ways to relax, unwind and enjoy the change of seasons and lighter, brighter evenings. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication and hope you have enjoyed these recent festivities!

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Hot Jobs Alert: Recommend a friend and receive a £200 bonus!

Temporary roles - We are looking for agency workers in and around the Bath area for a number of fabulous Learning Disability services, the ideal candidate will have at least 6 months recent similar experience and be enthusiastic about providing the best support for service users. Drivers and flexible workers preferred.

Permanent role- Night Nurse for a wonderful nursing home for adults with age related needs including dementia in Almondsbury. This is a brilliant role for a newly qualified or experienced nurse who wants to make a meaningful impact on those they care for.

Provided is a competitive rate of pay, full-time position and benefits including; 10% enhancement on weekends, 50% extra pay on bank holidays, a £250 welcome bonus and employee assistance programme!

All roles subject to satisfactory DBS, reference and NMC checks (where appropriate)

*Terms and Conditions apply, speak to your consultant for more details

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Embracing Empathy: Why are your soft skills so important? 🤔

In healthcare, the need for technical skills, such as administering medication or monitoring vital signs is crucial, but the interpersonal qualities, known as ‘soft skills’ are equally as important. While both sets of skills are an essential part of being a healthcare worker, soft skills are a healthcare worker’s superpower and we recognise that they have the ability to enhance care experience in many diverse and different ways.

Communication 🗣️

Good communication is the foundation of care. Healthcare workers need to be able to convey information in a variety of different ways, for many purposes. We are proud to hear that some of our team have even learned skills such as Makaton, sign language and even words from other languages that help those in your care feel reassured and understood!

Emotional Support 🫂

The ability to engage with service users through emotional support helps to support a nurturing and supportive environment, offering solace to residents during times of distress or when celebrating moments of joy. By extending a compassionate touch and genuine empathy, you uplift the spirits of service users and provide a sense of meaning, dignity and purpose.

Building Trust 🤝
Trust is an important part of any relationship, but in health and social care it is essential. Residents and their family’s entrust care workers with their well-being, security and safety. The demonstration of reliability and respect which encourages relationships to form is a super power we acknowledge in our team!

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Opinion: Getting younger people into Healthcare 💚

This month saw National Careers Week, a campaign that aims to provide support and education to young people about their future career paths. According to the NHS, the median age for a healthcare worker in the UK is now 43 years old and it’s important to encourage younger people into the sector as the working population ages. This is also coupled with the UK having a progressively aging population, that is to say, more people are living longer than before, and as such, require more healthcare heroes to support them. It appears as though the Healthcare sector has a bit of an identity crisis too, with many young people simply disregarding roles as a viable and enjoyable career option, this is despite the fact that 8% of healthcare workers having been employed in the sector for more than a decade, higher than any other workforce, suggesting great satisfaction in what they do.

If this has given you some food for thought, you can read more in our dedicated blog, exploring ways to get younger people in healthcare, which you can read here!

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