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July 2022

Dean Healthcare 2022 Q2 Newsletter

Hello everyone! Welcome to our very first Dean Healthcare newsletter! At the end of each quarter, we’ll be sharing some of the incredible highlights Dean Healthcare and its hardworking staff have achieved, as well as exciting insight into the future of our business.

A Very Special Thank You

As we round up our first quarterly newsletter, we’d like to take the opportunity not only to say thank you, but reward some of you too! We want to hear about our Healthcare Superstars and the incredible work they’ve carried out at Dean Healthcare.

We want you to nominate someone who you think has gone above and beyond to provide the best, be it; care, support, advice, etc. You can choose anyone you wish, whether they’re a fellow agency worker, client, or a member of the recruitment team, it’s up to you! We’ll randomly select one of these nominations and BOTH people will receive a Dean Healthcare goodie bag and Amazon vouchers.

To nominate somebody, email and tell us their name and why you think they should win. We’ll announce the winners on our social media channels, so be sure to follow to find out!


Coming Out On Top

As the sector continues to feel the effects brought on by Covid-19, we’re extremely proud to continue our position as a leading healthcare business in the South West, having come out on-top and through the thick of it.

Despite these challenging times, we’ve seen growth in many ways; through our growth in staff numbers, the amount of contracted hours filled by each branch and the number of followers gained on our social media channels. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your selfless work and continued dedication to helping those most in need in our communities. You are our Healthcare Superstars!

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 11

Changes to Business

Firstly, as many of you will be aware, there has been some internal changes to the business. We’d like to signpost you to some of the staff arrangements that might have changed during this period and congratulate these members on their progression or promotion! - Remember to note down their contact details should you need them!

Zoe Harvey - Divisional Manager

Emily Tomkins - Divisional Manager

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 21

Hit That Follow Button!

Lastly, we’d like to take a moment to spotlight our Dean Healthcare social media channels. Since January of this year, we’ve expanded from Facebook and Linkedin to Twitter and Instagram too, with almost 200 new followers in this time! We’ve also launched our new-look website, at

You can like or follow where possible by searching ‘Dean Healthcare’ on all platforms. We share job roles and opportunities, feel-good posts and interesting and relevant topics about the Healthcare industry. We’ve also started rolling out entertaining weekly Reels, for those of you who enjoy viral media with a cuppa!

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 20