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November 2022

Dean Healthcare 2022 Q3 Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to our second quarterly Dean Healthcare newsletter! In this edition, we’ll be taking a look at business highs from the last quarter, putting a spotlight on our social media channels and revealing to you the nomination winners from our previous newsletter, so you’ll want to keep reading!

Business Breakdown

The Dean Healthcare team have been working their socks off to make sure everything keeps running. We have had a promotion in the ranks too- with the brilliant Billie now holding the job title of Team Leader!

We can also announce that across all our branches, we have taken on a number of new clients this quarter and are busier than ever, making sure our workers have all the shifts they could need. We would also like to welcome all newcomers, whether HCA, Support Worker or Nurse, we are glad you chose us and we hope to exceed your expectations.

And lastly, we’ve seen tremendous growth to our Dean Healthcare social media pages too, with an additional 170 followers this quarter and an impressive 30,000 views on our Reels! Be sure to follow us if you aren’t already, just search @deanhealthcare on all social media.

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 11

Social Media Spotlight

Speaking of social media, over the last three months we have listened to the feedback provided to us in previous quality assurance questionnaires and have tailored our posts and blogs to reflect Dean Healthcare’s audiences better. Specifically, parents and students.

We’ve explored the benefits of a flexible working pattern, balancing personal life and work life. We’ve taken a look at different universities across the South West and beyond, to help prospective healthcare professionals make the best decisions and we’ve also highlighted nursing considerations including indemnity insurance, revalidation and training.

We hope you’ve found these posts to be both informative and insightful and we encourage feedback on the type of content you want to see in the future.

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We Have A Winner!

Finally, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for, where we announce the winners from your nominations in our previous newsletter.

We asked you to nominate someone who you thought had gone above and beyond and we were wowed by the wonderful responses we had. You mentioned how kind, thoughtful and helpful our consultants are, and our consultants mentioned how hard working, caring and loyal our workers are. We even had agency staff complimenting agency staff on their skills, knowledge and abilities!

Our selected winners are as follows:

I’d like to nominate our support worker Ewa. She’s fairly new to us but has been great to work with, always pleasant to speak to and willing to go to new places, pick up last minute shifts and keep us updated with her availability. She’s also acting as an ambassador for us at one of our new clients and by all accounts has made a great impression! - Claire

I nominate Zoe H as an outstanding worker who needs to be rewarded. Zoe is of great help to me. She always tries her best to get me shifts and always listens and help me solve problems related to work. She is one in a million! – Addiza

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