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May 2022

Debunking The Myths: 5 Things You Should Know About Working In Healthcare

Navigating the healthcare industry, you’ll hear a lot of conflicting viewpoints about the nature of work which might be difficult for you to make an informed decision about working in the sector. That’s where we’re here to help! From differentiating roles to the types of contracts available to you, in this month’s blog, we’re debunking the myths and clarifying five things you should know about working in Healthcare.

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 9

1. Not all job roles mean the same thing

Take for instance the roles of a Support Worker and a Healthcare Assistant. To the untrained eye, it might seem like these roles are in fact the same. However, there are some key differences between both. For example, a Support Worker typically cares for the well-being of individual with a degree of independence, allowing them to reach their potential through emotional and physical support. Meanwhile a Healthcare Assistant may also carry out these tasks, but would also assist with medicine, report health checks and look out for vital signs, typically in a more clinical environment.

2. There is more flexibility than you might be aware of

It might be considered that most people who work in Healthcare work in the same home, with a wild rota of earlies, lates and night shifts. In many cases, as with Dean Healthcare, this is in fact false! We provide an array of opportunities in our job roles, including temporary employment where you can experience variety and set your own hours, permanent employment with the stability and perfect fit for you, and temp-to-perm employment which starts as a twelve-week opportunity, which can progress into a fixed contract. Why not take a look at our latest vacancies at

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 10

3. These roles also come with greater job security

Working in Healthcare has many benefits when compared with other industries, one of which is job security. In the UK, Healthcare roles are some of the most in-demand. The NHS documents having more than 1.4 million employees as of 2021 (making it the largest employer in the country.) And it still requires the need of more than 50,000 nurses to meet current demands. From a social standpoint, the UK also faces an ageing population crisis, with those aged 65 and over having increased 12% in the last five years. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on resources to aid an older population. With this growth comes the need for healthcare services to grow alongside.

4. Working in healthcare doesn't always require a qualification

The term ‘healthcare’ can often create connotations of a clinical or medical association. And while many choose to study a qualification in health and social care, often this may not be required for the type of job roles available. While it is encouraged that you learn and develop new skills from an academic institution, what is most paramount about working in healthcare is the ability and passion to support others through high quality care. Why not get in touch with the team at Dean Healthcare and discuss which of our roles may be best suited to your skills and education. Contact us on

5. Healthcare doesn't just mean healthcare

Another misconception about healthcare is the limitations of available jobs where it presumed all roles take place in a care home facility. Healthcare is an incredibly vast sector, covering an array of employment opportunities including; health and social care, hospitality, recruitment, administration, therapists, physicians, payroll, management, nursing and so much more. The opportunities are endless!

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 11

So there we have it, 5 myths about working in healthcare, debunked. Hopefully upon reading this post, you’ll come away with more information than you set out, a clearer mindset about traversing the healthcare industry and a better understanding of how you can fit into it!

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