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July 2023

Healthcare Recruitment: The Power of a Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Throughout this month, we’ve been exploring what it means to be a Healthcare Recruitment Agency on our social media. We’ve taken a look at the benefits our team of recruiters pose for both client and candidate and we’ve discovered the many benefits that can be had, working for an agency.

In this edition of the Dean Healthcare blog, we’re going to delve further into these topics and discuss the merits of applying for a reputable Healthcare Recruitment Agency, such as Dean Healthcare!

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Understanding Healthcare Recruitment: What is it?

We’ve heard this a few times before, and we understand the concept of a healthcare recruitment agency can be a little confusing to those who might be unfamiliar with the industry, so let’s try to clarify. Healthcare recruitment refers to the process of sourcing and hiring individuals to fill positions in healthcare organisations or settings, for example a nursing home or elderly care home. The process involves finding individuals with the right skills, experience and credentials to meet the specific needs of a healthcare facility.

Healthcare recruitment agencies serve as intermediaries between those looking for a job and employers looking for a member of staff. Recruiters, working on behalf of the agency, can streamline this process by utilising their experience, networks and established connections, connecting the right candidate with the best opportunities for them.

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Healthcare Recruitment Benefits for Candidates:

Okay, so we’ve already explored one benefit – acting as matchmaker so prospective staff members (or candidates) can find their perfect role in the industry. Now let’s take a look at some of the additional benefits of using a healthcare recruitment agency.

  • Guidance: Healthcare recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of the industry, including trends, requirements or potential career paths and opportunities. They provide valuable advice and guidance to job seekers, helping them make informed decisions about their which role might be best for them.

  • Support: Recruiters take time to understand the skills, qualifications and preferences of their staff members. They better match candidates with positions that align with their experience and interests which ensures a better fit and increased job satisfaction. Additionally, they provide ongoing support, acting as a resource for professional development opportunities.

  • Communication: It is common for a team of recruiters to regularly be in touch with their staff members. Be it to inform them of a new position in their area, arrange some additional overtime, inform them of training and development opportunities or to ask how their week has been at work. Recruiters are conscious to build relationships with candidates to promote a positive working environment.
  • Versatility: Building these relationships also provides candidates the opportunity to voice their own needs and requirements to recruiters. For example, facilitating working around childcare, university studies or other commitments which allow for a flexible working schedule and better work-life balance as a result.
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Healthcare Recruitment Benefits for Clients:

Now let’s take a look at the different ways a Healthcare Recruitment Agency can be of benefit to care facility clients.

  • Efficiency: Partnering with a Healthcare Recruitment Agency saves clients the time and effort required to manage the entire recruitment process. Recruiters handle job postings, candidate screenings and initial interviews, allowing the care facility staff to focus in their own core responsibilities.

  • Talent: Healthcare agencies have access to a vast pool of qualified and unqualified professionals. Through their extensive networks and proactive search methods, they can identify and attract highly skilled candidates. This enables clients to access the best talent in the industry and those most suited to their requirements.

  • Evaluation: Recruiters have a rigorous screening process to assess a candidate’s qualifications, experiences and ‘cultural fit’. This ensures that only the most suitable individuals are presented to the clients, which reduces the risk of an unsuccessful hiring.

  • Training: A Healthcare Recruitment Agency will provide their candidates with a plethora of different training courses, which is crucial to their development. For a client, this ensures their members of staff are highly qualified, professional and considerate, a perfect combination for those providing high quality of care.
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The Benefits Of Using Dean Healthcare:

So now we’ve discovered a variety of benefits for both candidate and client, let’s look a little more specifically at the many benefits Dean Healthcare provides:

  • 24-7 on-call support
  • Access to 40, free training courses
  • Weekly pay
  • Accrued holiday pay
  • Flexible working pattern and shifts
  • Ethics-focused recruitment
  • A friendly, supportive team
  • Opportunities for progression
  • Access to care facility providers across the South and South West
  • Access to staff members across the South and South West

If you’re a candidate looking for a dream role in healthcare, with a Healthcare Recruitment Agency, be sure to get in touch with our team today by clicking the ‘contact’ tab on our website.

If you’re a client looking for a qualified, professional team or recruiters to manage your hiring process and ensure high quality members of staff, you can also contact us today, please email: INSERT EMAIL HERE