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June 2024

Why Work in Healthcare

Healthcare jobs appear to have a perception problem in the UK, that is to say that many people are not familiar with the advantages and benefits of working in a sector that caters to the community, supports the wellbeing of others and provides a unique working environment where no two days are the same. We’re hoping to dispel myths about health and social care, highlighting the reasons this sector – and the work it’s experts carries out - is a valued, important and exciting field of work to consider.

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Job stability and security

Healthcare is one of the most stable and resilient industries in the UK with a plethora of available positions. For example, 94% of Nursing graduates can find a job in the sector within six months of completing their degree, making it the most successful industry-type for graduate students, highlighting the number of readily available healthcare positions. This is in part as a result of an increasingly aging population, along with advancements in medical technology. This means that demand for healthcare professionals is consistently high and connotes security and stability even through economic hardship or challenging social climates.

Making a difference

There are few career routes that have a more profound impact than health and social care. All Care professionals – be it a Care Assistant, Support Worker, Mental Health Nurse, or Doctor, are heavily involved in the care and support of different individuals, whether it’s treating a patient, helping someone to live more independently or diagnosing ailments and illness, this contribution is invaluable and can provide an incredible amount of personal and professional fulfilment that isn’t found in other roles, helping create a sense of achievement and empowerment.

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Diverse career routes

Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all type of career. There are a multitude of specialisations which allows someone to find a niche or sweet-spot that best aligns with personal interests, skills and qualifications. The field also has the advantage of benefiting from horizontal and vertical career moves. Whether its shifting into a different specialty or moving into a different role, the healthcare sector has the ability to support various and exciting career transitions that can make a career more enjoyable and inviting.

Personal growth and development

Healthcare institutions often provide and even mandate ongoing professional development with continuous learning, additional supported training and further education throughout an employee’s career life cycle, helping to develop skills that support the lives of others which are also in conjunction with technological advancements or updated government policies. The sector itself is a skills-based economy and healthcare professionals possess a great amount of necessary skills which cater to providing the best quality of care, from medical know-how to critical thinking and problem-solving. These skills are not only valuable but also transferable allowing for continued career advancements and opportunities as an individual climbs the career step-ladder to success.

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Continuous learning

As we briefly highlighted, the healthcare sector is at the forefront of innovation and discovery. Continuous learning is an essential part of these roles and allows professionals to expand their knowledge, ensuring that they remain educated, informed and competent, whilst keeping their careers dynamic and engaging too. The best part is, a lot of this learning happens on your feet and in many instances, resources to learn are also heavily subsidised or even free!

Respect and recognition

More people are beginning to recognise the significance of healthcare professionals and the services they provide, particularly under challenging circumstances, including the Covid-19 pandemic and cost-of-living crisis. The sector is more becoming more frequently associated as a highly-skilled, highly-communicative and multi-faceted one and with this increased level of awareness, healthcare workers - and their expertise and dedication - are becoming better respected and recognised. This can help an individual to better benefit from a feeling of job satisfaction, accomplishment and personal pride.

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Collaboration with others

Working in healthcare involves working closely with a diverse team of experts across various fields, from doctors to nurses, therapists to technicians. This collaborative working environment allows for the development of knowledge and situational know-how that can only be transferred between people in a similar position, enriching your professional experience. Additionally, this environment of working closely with others fosters a sense of community and respect that can make working in the industry more enjoyable with a greater feeling of satisfaction by way of mutual support.

Different working environments

In the same way, the industry frequents collaboration from a multitude of different professionals, the same can be said for the types of working environments too. Health and social care offers flexibility in the settings people work in, from clients homes, hospitals, clinics, research labs, nursing homes, GP surgeries, the list is truly expansive. This level of variety can help find a work environment that suits your personal preferences and lifestyle.

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Emotional resilience

Whilst working in healthcare can be emotionally taxing from time-to-time, it also builds resilience. Dealing with critical situations and the care of individuals fosters emotional strength and adaptability, enabling you as a professional to provide the best quality of care when someone needs it most. Working closely with colleagues also provides guidance and support in challenging situations, which helps to better navigate the emotional aspects of the job more effectively, which can make these critical situations easier to deal with, process and move on from.

Exciting opportunities

The healthcare sector truly provides a range of unique and exciting opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. We hope you’ve found today’s blog to be informative and have learnt more about the industry and its people. If you’re feeling inspired and want to become a healthcare professional, in a role that provides flexible working, weekly pay, accrued holiday pay, ongoing training and development, a supportive 24-7 on-call support team and so much more, be sure to check out our latest available roles and opportunities. Just click the ‘jobs’ tab or this LINK here. Our friendly team look forward to hearing from you soon!

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