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January 2024

Permanent Recruitment: What To Expect as a Client

A good quality, sector relevant recruitment agency should give you options for how to staff your company. One of those choices is permanent placements- this is where the agency uses their database of candidates, their advertising know-how and network to find the perfect candidate for your vacancy.

We know that direct advertising + wasted time talking to the wrong people + time wasted interviewing the wrong candidates + taking on the wrong person can run costs into the thousands of pounds! A permanent recruitment consultant can take all of the pressure off a hiring manager and provide them with a pre-vetted and genuinely interested candidate to interview. And by dealing with all the queries and questions and managing any small concerns, the likelihood of the candidate and company being satisfied with the placement rises considerably.

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So what is the process of using an agency for permanent placements?

Firstly, you may have been contacted by an agency who is offering this service, or you may already use a staffing agency for temporary cover. Get in touch with them and ask who the best person to speak with about finding permanent candidates is- they should put you in touch with them straight away.

Once they have explained to you what they can do to help- and the ethical ones will be honest and tell you if they can't for any reason- they should provide you with a contract, or terms of service. This will lay out the expectations and costs incurred, and will likely also include details of any refund or rebate, should the candidate placed not work out.

It is vital to be aware when reading through these contracts, that most terms are negotiable and can be tailored to your needs, this includes costs. Go back to your consultant with any questions, or suggestions you have regarding the terms. They should be quite happy to find a solution that works for both parties. Make sure you have considered whether you want a retainer or would rather pay per placement.

Once agreed and signed, your permanent recruitment consultant will need all the information on the roles you have- the more information, the better! This can include job specs, adverts you have already used, guidance on the ethos or methodology of your company and a plan of how you want to receive applications, and meet or interview any potential candidates.

The consultant will agree to stay in touch with you to let you know how it is going, and if you have feedback or questions, they will be more than happy and confident hearing these. If you are concerned that the consultant is not meeting your needs, you should ask for a short meeting to find out why this is- it could be that you are asking for something which is not in large supply, or that takes a little longer to find. At any stage, they should feel comfortable advising you of their expectations in timelines and market disparities.

Once you have received an application through your consultant, you should consider if it aligns with your expectations, and let the consultant know if you would like to set up an interview with the candidate.

The consultant should co-ordinate this in the manner agreed, and will be keen to get your feedback afterwards.

If you make an offer of employment, you'll liaise with your consultant to ensure that it is accepted and any documentation is shared.

Even if you only have one role, and the consultant has filled it for you, stay in touch. Hopefully you wont need them, but if you do, at least you know they will be there to assist again!

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Top Tips:

  • Using sector specialist agencies, or consultants with certain expertise, can ensure you get the right candidates, and they can guide your plans for future recruitment and retention

  • Communication is key- if something isn't working, or you have a question, let the recruiter know

  • Be open to options- your recruiter will give you more food for thought if they know you are receptive to ideas

  • Stay in touch with your favourite recruitment agencies and consultants- they will always be happy to help in the future