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January 2024

Permanent Recruitment: What To Expect as an Applicant

So you have applied for your perfect role and a recruitment agency contacts you to have a chat about your experience and expectations, don't be worried, it isn't a trap and it doesn't mean the role is temporary.

Lots of companies use recruitment agencies to find permanent staff. Its a timely and costly experience to resource and onboard new staff, and using an established agency can cut through all of that and help the service find the best candidate for the job.

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So What Happens Next?

Normally the first thing to do is to have a chat. Sometimes these are referred to as pre-screens, and the purpose of these is to make sure that you understand the role you have applied for, and discuss any concerns or questions you have. At the end of this call or meeting, the consultant should check they have the right email address for you and send you a form to complete- these are often called registration forms or right to represent documents. They may also ask for you to send over documentation, such as evidence of right to work, or qualifications and registrations with regulatory bodies.

If the consultant and yourself agree that you are a good potential fit for the role, your basic information will be shared with the hiring company, and if shortlisted, they will liaise with the consultant to schedule you into an interview.

If your preferences aren't met or the role isn't right, the consultant will ask permission to keep your details and will let you know if more appropriate jobs come up.

Before your interview, your consultant will be in touch to answer questions, give you support and make sure you have a copy of the job description and a list of anything you need to take with you. Make sure you make the most of what your consultant can help you with- that is what they are there for! And if there are any concerns you have about the interview or questions you would rather ask outside of the interview, make sure you have spoken with the consultant about these before then!

After your interview, you should call your consultant and debrief them on how you feel it went and whether you would be happy to accept a further interview with the company or even an offer!

The consultant will speak with the company and find out their feelings on the interview. At this point, they may contact you to ask if they can share copies of your certificates or information with the interviewer.

If the company makes an offer, they should copy in the consultant, but if they don't, you should make sure they are aware. This is a time to celebrate! Make sure you are happy with the offer, and if you have questions, make sure you get your consultant to iron them out for you, so that you are fully confident of what you are accepting.

Your consultant will stay in touch with you over the first few months - making sure everything is going as it should, and that you are still happy with your new role.

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Top Tips:

  • Save the recruiters number, and let them know your preferred method of communication - be it WhatsApp, LinkedIn messages, emails, texts or calls

  • Don't let worry get to you- the best part of having a consultant is that they are there to make sure you feel confident and comfortable

  • Add your recruitment consultant on LinkedIn, so that you can stay in touch even years down the line, and when you are looking for other work

  • Don't be afraid to say "No" to opportunities they bring to you. Good recruitment professionals respect boundaries and expectations

  • The best things in life are free! Recruitment consultants should not charge applicants, unless under very specific circumstances. If you haven't agreed to pay a fee, you shouldn't expect a bill!

  • Refer your friends. If you like the help and assistance you have had from your recruiter, you can always share the love and let others know that they are worth signing up with!

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