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March 2022

Personal Stories: A Conversation With Our Healthcare Worker, Gunita

At Dean Healthcare, we're not only passionate about the care and support our incredible Healthcare Workers provide, but we're also extremely proud of their dedication to helping those most in need in our communities. As part of National Careers Week 2022, we spoke with one of our Health and Support Workers, Gunita, who has been working with Dean Healthcare for 12 years! If you want to learn more about working in care, read about Gunita's experience below!

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 6

What was the reason for you wanting to start a career in healthcare?
My mum used to be a Doctor, and she really wanted me to be a Doctor too, but I attended some meetings before studying medicine and thought, Oh no I can't, this is not for me, I'm too emotional for this kind of job. Now I realise I might not be a Doctor, but I can work in healthcare and it's quite close.

What do you enjoy most about working for Dean Healthcare?
I'm a person who doesn't like routine and I can't imagine working for a place permanently where I would feel fed up. At Dean Healthcare, you have a variety of shifts, with lots of different contracts which is amazing! They offer you more suitable places to your personality and where they think you would like to go.

It's not like office work, you're always moving and you're not just inside, you can go outdoors too. Everyday is different and I like that, I never get fed up! I have been offered permanent jobs before, but I can't imagine being in one place.

I like that Dean Healthcare listens too. They actually advise places where you might like to go and they're very supportive. When my partner broke their hip I needed to support him for the first six weeks. Dean Healthcare gave me some time off and they gave me shift with two or three sleeps which allowed me to still get full time hours - that's amazing! Where else could you get that?

How long have you been working for Dean Healthcare?
I've been with Dean Healthcare for 12 years and I think it will be 13 years in October.

Have you made any good friendships while working at Dean Healthcare?
I'm quite good friends with people where I work. There are some favourite places and you're there all the time so it's easier to make friendships. I've made friendships with clients and care workers and it's nice when you haven't been there for some time, and go back to these workplaces and somebody says 'Oh it's so nice to see you back, where have you been all this time!?' I like this. You feel very welcomed and you can say 'Oh yes, I am your friend!' They remember you, they are friends. Speaking honesty I don't go to places where I don't feel welcome. This is what I like about Dean Healthcare, you can choose where to go and feel welcomed.

What do you think makes a good Healthcare worker?
I think it's about who they are. You can't be a Healthcare Worker if you're not a caring person. You have to be caring and you have to be kind. Otherwise this is not the job for you. You have to listen and you have to be willing to care about these people. If you're not caring, you're not suitable. Maybe if you're organised and good at paperwork, administration is for you. But if you want to be a Support Worker you have to have those people skills. Without them you won't last long.

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 8

If Gunita's experience at Dean Healthcare has inspired you to consider working in the care sector, why not head over to our jobs page to find our latest roles and opportunities -