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January 2023

Preparing For An Interview – Dean Healthcare’s Top Tips

It’s January! This month sees more people apply for jobs and are hired for positions than any other and as the new year sets in, so too does the mindset of change; Changes to our habits, changes to our goals as well as changes to our employment and the opportunities it brings. You might be one of those people seeking something new in the Healthcare industry, if so, you’ll want to continue reading because, in this edition of the Dean Healthcare blog, we’re looking at the steps you should take when preparing for that all important interview!

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Whether you’re considering a role as a Healthcare Assistant, perhaps you want to be a Mental Health Support Worker, or you’d like to progress in a Nursing field instead, these top tips should help put your mind at ease and ace the questions and answers portion of the interview.

  1. Learn about the role and the organisation – showing an interest in the role is paramount, but taking time to research the organisation is also highly favoured as it shows genuine interest and enthusiasm. Referring to business during conversation is a great example of the time you’ve taken to learn about the company.

  2. Understand what your skills are and how they can be applied to real-world scenarios – interviewers want to see what makes you tick, how you think and the ways you might act or react to different situations or responsibilities based on your experience and knowledge.

  3. Admit to weaknesses – nobody is perfect and identifying where your skillset may be limited isn’t a bad thing. Instead, consider how you’d like to develop these weaknesses and show your willingness to learn. Interviewers will favour and appreciate honesty and may even provide additional support for you.

  4. Be personable, engaging and polite – It goes without saying, but making the interview an enjoyable process will go a long way. It shows a lot about your character or personality and how you could fit well within a team.
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Using examples from previous experience is a great way of displaying different uses of skills from communication through to creativity and more. We recommend trying the ‘STAR’ method as a comprehensive way to best explain these examples:

S – SITUATION – Set the scene for your answer by explaining what the situation was.

T – TASK – Describe what your role was in this situation.

A – ACTION – Explain the actions you took in this situation and the reasons why.

R – RESULT – Discuss what happened as a result of your actions and the final outcome.

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Lastly, to round off any stellar interview, you should pose different questions to the interviewer. It expresses your intrigue and enthusiasm for the role and is a great way for them to see your thought process and how you might communicate to others. Here are a few great examples you could use:

  • What is the working culture like? – This question suggests you’re thinking about the bigger picture and how you might fit within the working environment.
  • Can you tell me more about the team and team dynamics? – This will show your willingness to get to know others and how others work.
  • What are your expectations for this role? – This is a great way to show forward-thinking, for example considerations for the role 6 months from now and how things might change.
  • Can you tell me about any of the challenges this role might face? – This displays an understanding of business and allows for transparency about expectations.
  • Are there opportunities for progression? – It’s okay to ask this question, it shows you want to be a part of and develop with the company.
  • What is your favourite part about working here? – This is a great way to conclude an interview, it’s personable, friendly and provides you with a true snapshot of the business.
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We hope you’ve found these tips to be of use when getting ready for your dream interview. For more employment tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on social media - @deanhealthcare.

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