Working together, improving lives

January 2022

Sam’s Story - Looking Towards The Future

With all the trials and tribulations of the last year it’s been hard to keep our minds clear of anything non-COVID related, but I am so happy we can finally introduce and share this new platform with you.

Having been through such troubling and challenging times and thankfully having come out of them, not completely unscathed but certainly much wiser because of them, we are grateful for the period of reflection that we have had, it has enabled us (for the first time in ages) to start looking toward to the future, rather than dealing reactively to every COVID related issue that crossed our path. We have developed an understanding not only of what we needed to do to evolve ourselves for the future, but a plan to ensure we continue on our path to provide the best service and care to those we support.

This journey has in ways been easier than I initially expected, because we realised very quickly that what we needed was to go back to our roots. Focusing on what makes us different to all the other agencies out there (of which there are many!), important things such as being empathetic, reliable and honest. We are re-kindling our ethos and ensuring that this, tied in with the needs of the sector, the ever-dwindling resource of quality nurses and carers who subsequently desire (and deserve) the support of a quality agency who have their best intentions, and those they support, at the heart of all that we do.

We felt the need to invest in some quality technological advancement so here it is! Our new website for you all to see. I hope that it will show just how different we are, provide a platform to recruit the best talent around and also showcase some of the hard work that is done by all the team working at Dean Healthcare.

For those of you who are part of our team I thank you all for your continued efforts and for those looking to join us please come and get involved! Together we can ensure that excellence is achievable, sustainable and accessible.