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September 2022

Student Spotlight: Resources For Student Nurses

As students return to their studies this month, we've scoured the internet looking for some of the best pieces of information, advice and useful pointers that we think will help you to find ways to balance life, work and study.

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Useful Websites You Should Know:

The Queen's Nursing Institute -

The Queen's Nursing Institute is a great website for students looking to discover how Nurses deliver care to people in homes, communities, GP services and clinics every day. The link above provides a list of highly insightful and informative accounts including; myths of Nursing, real-world experiences and conversations with Nurses in their daily lives as well as employment pathways for those who may be unsure which direction to take their Nursing career.

Royal College of Nursing -

The Royal College of Nursing website is one that most Student Nurses and newly qualified Nurses should be familiar with. Not only is the website incredibly informative for all aspects of Nursing, it also provides a list of essential nursing resources that can help with continuing professional development.

Nursing Notes -

Using the Nursing Notes website is a great way to stay informed and up to date on the latest news affecting Nurses and Healthcare professionals in the UK, with categories divided into professional, education and opinion-written online articles. The website also provides a handy resources list, with highlights including; how to write a personal statement, how to budget from those who have done it before and interview tips to secure your dream Nursing role.

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Other Useful Resources:

Student Nurses Resources Guide -

This is a great PowerPoint Presentation which explores a number of educational materials that will benefit your learning, including books you can purchase or borrow from your library, as well as journals that can be viewed online.

Nursing Answers -

If you're writing a dissertation, thesis or evaluation, NursingAnswers.Net is a great website that provides academic support for Nursing Students. Although a paid-for website, their Nursing Study Resources Library has a plethora of information and guides free to use and download. These range from example Nursing essays, to case studies, literature reviews and questions and answers on topics relevant to the industry.

Diary Of A Nurse -

This is a great example of a one-person perspective blog, with insight and analysis from Claire, a registered Nurse showcasing their journey from student to qualified and more. Blog posts include 'What it's like to be a GP Nurse in Covid' and a review of the most comfortable Nursing shoes on the market.

We hope these resources have been of value to you in some way. Don't forget to bookmark the links provided, you'll never know if any of the information might be of use when studying. Also make sure to bookmark this page, we'll update this list periodically to include more great resources to benefit your learning.