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December 2023

The 12 Days of Dean Healthcare: Celebrating Healthcare and Recruitment Staff This Christmas

‘Tis the season for festive decorations, cosy jumpers and the sound of Christmas jingles! While many of us will be celebrating the spirit of Christmas, for our Healthcare workers and team of Recruiters, their responsibilities remain the same at this time of year as they continue to provide unwavering care and support to people within our community. This December, as we dust off our favourite rendition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas, we’re adding a touch of healthcare flair to this classic carol!

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A Partridge in a Pear Tree – A Quality Healthcare Agency 🐦

On the first day of Healthcare, my recruiter gave to me: A quality healthcare agency! Just as a partridge bird needs a sturdy tree for it’s shelter, so to does a healthcare professional need a sound, reputable healthcare agency at the foundation of their career.

Two Turtle Doves – Two Perfect Ideals 🤍

In old English traditions, two turtle doves were presented as ceremonious gifts, reflecting two ideals and thus a perfect match. In Healthcare, we like to see our two ideals as passion and dedication. Within the sector they both manifest in different ways, for example, a passion for providing the best quality care or a dedication to supporting service users, enabling them to live a fuller, more independent life.

Three French Hens – Three Healthcare Professionals 👩‍⚕️

On the third day of Healthcare, my agency gave to me: Three healthcare professionals! At Dean Healthcare, we have a variety of unique and exciting job roles and opportunities. The three most common you’ll see are Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers and Nurses. Of course, within these three groups there are a plethora of additional roles, for example, a Mental Health Support Worker, or a Registered General Nurse, each with unique responsibilities that support those in care or nursing homes. You can find our latest roles here:

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Four Calling Birds – Four Respected Roles 🏆

In the tale of the 12 Days of Christmas, Four Calling Birds is said to represent the four gospels, each with a unique trade that offered something unique and valuable. In the field of Healthcare Recruitment, our four ‘gospels’ includes; the candidate – a hardworking individual that provides quality care, the client – an organisation that supports the lives of those in need, the service user – who is supported by both candidate and client, and the humble Recruiter – acting as the glue between all four.

Five Gold Rings – Five Awesome Perks!

On the fifth day of Healthcare, my agency gave me to: Five Awesome Perks! (Sing it loud!) At Dean Healthcare we have a plethora of unique and exciting employee benefits. These include; weekly pay, which is a great way to better budget your incomings and outgoings. Flexible working patterns, that fit around your lifestyle or commitments like children or university studies. Accrued holiday pay, accumulating more time off as you work, perfect for those working on a flexible basis. Ongoing training and development, utilising your skillset and setting you up for the best success in the sector. 24-7 on-call support, should you need it, there’s always a friendly recruiter at the end of the phone to help with your needs.

Six Geese a-Laying – Six Different Branches 📍

The six geese a-laying represent the six days of creation in this festive tune, the creation of land, sea, sky, etc. It feels apt that our agency covers six beautiful areas of the UK too, including; Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire. If you need our contact details for any one of our branches, you can find them here: Remember, our team are available 24-7 to support your needs.

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Seven Swans-a-Swimming – Seven Supporting Skills 🗣️

The seven swans represent the seven sacraments – a set of orders or rules that are followed. Ours, with its Healthcare twist, reflects the seven ways a healthcare professional follows a set of standards, creating a lasting impact on those they care for. Through; being passionate, having consideration, providing support, holding good communication skills, being a great listener, making someone smile and helping someone to achieve and feel their very best.

Eight Maids-a-Milking – Eight Super Workers 💪

On the eighth day of Healthcare, my recruiter gave to me: Eight Super Workers. Eight maids-a-milking symbolises hard-work, talent and dedication. In Healthcare, much akin to maids milking, our professionals contribute to the very essence of healthcare, touching the lives of service users in unique and compassionate ways through hard-work, talent and dedication.

Nine Ladies Dancing – Nine Valued Traits 😊

In the 12 Days of Christmas, nine ladies dancing signifies the nine holy fruits of the Spirit which are said to reflect a persons attributes, including; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Interestingly, we think these are some incredible attributes of a great healthcare professional or recruitment consultant too!

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Ten Lords-a-Leaping – Ten Recruiters Recruiting ☎️

Recruiters act as the backbone to any successful Healthcare Recruitment Agency, not only do they seek out potential candidates, scour applications and set up interviews, but they also support our team of hardworking, dedicated healthcare professionals. Reminding them of pin revalidation, organising training courses to promote professional development within the sector, informing them of shift availability and generally checking-in with them, to ensure they’re satisfied, happy and set up for success.

Eleven Pipers Piping – Eleven Workers Working 💬

The eleven pipers signified the eleven faithful apostles, those who supported Jesus during the times of yesteryear and much like the apostles, our Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers and Nurses are incredibly faithful to our agency too! This is reflected in the reviews they’ve left about Dean Healthcare on Indeed, Glassdoor and Google!

Twelve Drummers Drumming – Twelve Months a year 📅

In the field of Healthcare, with its fast-paced and dynamic environment, no day is the same! Our dedicated Healthcare Professionals and team of friendly Recruiters work around the clock, twelve months of the year, 365 days a year, providing the best in care and support to thousands of people up and down the country. We hope you’ve enjoyed ‘singing-along’ to this festive classic with our Healthcare twist and have learnt something new about the different roles in this sector and the qualities and responsibilities associated with them. If you’d like to learn more about Dean Healthcare, including our other, very popular, blogs, please visit: