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June 2022

The Benefits Of Using A Healthcare Recruitment Agency

With the ever-present challenges the healthcare industry faces as a result of the pandemic, finding healthcare workers with the most appropriate qualities is a difficult task. Many care homes are still understaffed and lack individuals available with skills to meet their needs on a daily basis. However, a Healthcare Recruitment Agency can be of benefit, not only to these organisations, but also to the members of the workforce. Here’s how…

The number of Nurses per 1000 people 13

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies know best!

  • Healthcare Recruitment Agencies are knowledgeable specialists in the sector. With a vast knowledge of the demands and complexities of the industry, we can provide the most appropriate staffing when required and as a result, take a lot of the stress out of the recruiting process, or help homes out in a tight spot.
  • The right staff with the best skills are available for the right location at the right time, often quickly and efficiently. Not only this, but we deal with situations related to last-minute or planned staffing, assisting what would be logistically complex crises to deal with internally.

  • A health or social care professional with the right skills is likely to find working opportunities more quickly. They can also voice their preferences of setting or shift pattern as well as the incentive of a flexible working pattern to suit their lifestyle. They also typically only work in environments which reflect their attributes- this ensures a happy employee and a happy workplace!
The number of Nurses per 1000 people 14

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies form unique relationships!

  • Building relationships with a Healthcare Recruitment Agency is easy and a great way to find new opportunities. We work hard to maintain and develop these connections. We can provide many unique advantages that wouldn’t otherwise be available in other working environments.

  • We get to know you well, and will only offer our staff work in settings where their attributes best suit the needs of a provision. It’s also great because it allows for lasting professional bonds to be developed between employees and residents! After all, if everyone is happy, we know we are doing well.

  • We take the time to understand your needs. Whether you are a healthcare professional, or a client, we are committed to not only knowing your requirements, but understanding them. This includes working hours around your family, or knowing the eating preferences of your service users so that we can make sure we are doing everything possible to support you.
The number of Nurses per 1000 people 15

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies have many incentives!

  • Many are unaware of the incentives available to them when working with a Healthcare Recruitment Agency, like Dean Healthcare. We invest in our agency staff, providing access to more than 40 free training courses, as well as providing 24/7 support service to all our candidates should they require it. We also do our best to accommodate the needs of an individual with shift patterns.

  • Our clients can be confident that the staff provided to them are well informed, educated and understand the requirements of the role. As a result, the quality of care is likely to be better and more consistent too.

  • Feeling supported through regular communication, the opportunity to be heard and understood by professionals with experience and knowledge similar to your own.

  • Weekly pay, with enhanced rates where applicable. Building your own rota whilst still being given opportunities to grow, develop and learn new things is rarely a possibility in other areas.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of using a Healthcare Recruitment Agency. If this has inspired you to consider working for us at Dean Healthcare, be sure to check out our latest opportunities, or contact your local branch:

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