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October 2023

What Does It Take To Work In Recruitment In Health and Social Care?

Except for boundless mental energy and a love of office work, there are a number of things most people would definitely say are key skills to have if you want to work in recruitment in this sector. Let's explore those in today's blog, written by our Strategic Development Manager, Bee!

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The ability to remember everything when it is happening all at once is a skill that has to be grown. When you hear the role is fast paced, what they really mean is 100 things are happening all at once and you won’t even have time to write them as they happen! It makes the days exciting, interesting and a challenge, but you will need to have great memory game to cope.

Emotional intelligence:

You need to connect with people, usually over the phone, and convey everything in a way that is going to be pleasing, honest and helpful. More than just being professional, you really need to be able to build a lasting and trusting relationship within 5 minutes. If you are the kind of person who makes a friend everytime you leave the house, you may already have this skill! It will also help you to work effectively in a team and be a good member of your workplace family.

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Organisational skills:

Fan of folders, sub folders, and sub sub folders? You’ll love recruiting. Mostly we use customer relationship management software, as well as applicant tracking systems and multisite publishing programs, but you are still going to have paperwork and documents all over your computer. If you enjoy filing and can keep track of large quantities of data, those skills will come in handy in recruitment.


Being tenacious means not being put off after a day of sales calls has ended with yet another phone being put down on you. It means going the extra mile for your candidates and it means not letting it get to you when your perfect candidate decides to ghost you. It means never giving up on filling a shift or a permanent role. Never letting it grind you down when you haven’t had any applicants. Tenacity is what keeps you going. It is fairly unusual to have this skill alongside the emotional intelligence, but if you have both, recruitment is going to be a very good fit for you.

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All recruiters want reliability in their candidates, but recruitment agencies want this in their internal staff too. Being a reliable and consistent member of the team goes a long way. We all have our off days where we don’t think we have it in us to do another interview, or site visit, but the reliable recruiters are the ones who get results.

Entrepreneurial skills:

Your strategy is going to have to change. Sometimes on a weekly basis. Whether its building up a new client base, or finding candidates with specific skills, or even moving into a new area for business, you are going to need to think outside the box and always be prepared to build more. Having the skills to see the big picture and create plans is imperative to recruitment work, being flexible and methodical when constantly building will mean that you are successful in your role.

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These are just a handful of skills we think a professional and hardworking careworker should possess. If you've enjoyed reading Bee's blog, why not consider reading some of our other informative industry-centric blogs for recruiters? Please visit to learn more!

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