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August 2023

10 Facts About the Healthcare Industry You Don’t Know! – Part 2

Last year, we created a blog post that featured 10 facts about the Healthcare industry you haven’t heard before (which you can read here), and it has since become our most viewed blog post on the Dean Healthcare website! As such, and in an effort to continue to educate, we’ve scoured high and low to share another 10 exciting and interesting facts about our diverse Healthcare sector you don’t know!

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1. A workforce of millions
Roughly 1 in every 10 people working in the UK are employed in a part of the nation’s extensive Healthcare industry. The NHS employs 1.5 million alone, which is on par with the number of people living in all of Estonia or Bahrain! If the NHS was a country it would be the 150th most populated, surpassing 45 other nations!

2. Money, money, money
In 2020, total healthcare expenditure in the UK accounted for 12% of gross domestic product (GDP), compared with 9.9% in 2019. This means the healthcare industry represents 12% of all spending and purchases in our country.

A highly qualified sector…
The UK’s Healthcare industry workers are highly educated. It is estimated that roughly 48% of all those working in the industry have some form of professional, healthcare associated qualification.

4. A dominated sector…
Women currently represent 80% of health service staff, compared with 46% of the wider workforce. Interestingly, of those in direct-care or support-providing care, an astonishing 85-95% are female! However as demand for roles in the industry continues, this demographic is shifting with record numbers of males joining too.

And a diverse sector!
Not all social care jobs involve providing direct care. However, 1.3 million people, or 74% of social care jobs do. The others comprise of managerial jobs, numbering 147,000 people and administrative, ancillary and other jobs representing nearly 100,000 people.

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6. Staff are a vital part in our National Health Service
In 2021, the total cost of NHS staff was an astonishing £66.2 billion, which amounts to 45.2% of the entire NHS annual budget! These members of staff are the backbone of the service, supporting roughly a million people every 36 hours!

7. 10’s across the board
The NHS provides an excellent standard of care to the people of the UK. It was ranked 10th overall in the 2021 World Index of Health Innovation. A 2013 survey also found the NHS ranked first on a list of things that make people proud to be British!

8. There are a plethora of opportunities
The number of nurses in the UK continues to grow. In 2012, there were roughly 300,000 Nurses. A decade later, in 2022, this figure is closer to 350,000 and represents the biggest increase for a specifc job role in the Healthcare industry. Currently there is an estimated 46,000 nursing vacancies too.

9. We care for you, as you care for them

There are an estimated 1,300 Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the UK who provide temporary and permanent care-roles, like Dean Healthcare! And this specific sector employs almost 22,350 people. If you’re interested in joining a specialist agency, with flexible working patters, weekly pay, 24-7 on-call support and continued training throughout your career, visit our latest roles at

10. It’s a sector that supports the lives of many
Annually, 818,000 people are supported by publicly funded social care, primarily in care or nursing homes or in their own homes. In 2021/22, almost 225,000 people were supported with short-term care too.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning 10 more facts about the Healthcare industry you don’t know! As a leading, specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agency we’re passionate about providing insight and information to Healthcare workers and the wider community. You can find so much more on our social media pages. Be sure to follow us @deanhealthcare on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Threads and Linkedin for more content, just like this!