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January 2024

Dean Healthcare Winter Newsletter

Grab your cosy jumpers, fluffy socks and delicious hot chocolate because it’s time for our Winter edition of the Dean Healthcare Newsletter! ❄️ ⛄ 🎄

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Samuel Meechan’s End of Year Message 🎆

As we say goodbye to 2023 and an incredible year at Dean Healthcare, our Managing Director, Samuel Meechan, summarises his thoughts on the past year. You can read more about it in our previous blog HERE.

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Changes To The Seasons 🍁

For many, the prospect of Winter is fraught with the idea of cold, miserable weather and shorter days, whilst for others, it’s an exciting time as we cosy up, wear comfy clothes and enjoy some respite from a busy Summer schedule. Here are a few worthy tips we want to highlight that might help you get through these seasonal changes.

Feeling better when the sun has gone ☀️ – The NHS recommends a good amount of daily exposure to natural sunlight including working or sitting next to windows. Taking plenty of outdoor exercise during the day and eating a balanced diet, with nutrient rich foods that will leave you fuller for longer, as well as happy. In some cases, light therapy can be helpful to those who struggle in winter, that is, emulating natural sunlight with a source of light that can enhance your mood and increase positivity.

Dress for the occasion 👞 – It’s at this time of the year where any weather can present itself, and being prepared for these changes can be the difference between a good day at work, or a damp one! Make sure you have waterproof outer layers, and consider footwear that is both comfortable, lightweight and waterproof or water-resistant if walking. Gloves, a scarf or woolly hat will keep you warm on your journey too.

Planning your route 🚗 – Speaking of Journeys, plan yours ahead of time! If you’re out and the weather is wet, consider routes that are easier to walk, watch out for slippery leaves or pavements where you’re likely to get soaked by a passing car. If driving, don’t underestimate the power of a downpour. Even if you’re in a rush, drive safely in these weather conditions.

Be safe be seen 👓 - Lastly, as each day draws in closer and closer, be mindful of what you are wearing and what you can see, consider high-visibility clothing or bright colours as well as a light source such as the torch on your phone to stay safe and seen.

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The Dean Healthcare Blog 💻

If you’re already following us on social media, you’ll know that we often share articles from the Dean Healthcare blog, with important information about our business and the healthcare sector, resources for those who work in the industry, as well as uplifting stories from our members of staff and interesting facts and five-minute reads on a variety of unique, and sometimes unusual, topics! - We've even appeared as a top result when 'Healthcare Facts' is googled, surpassing 3.7 billion other results!

If you want to explore more of our industry-focused blogs, you can visit

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Online Training 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️

At Dean Healthcare, we provide access to a variety of free online training courses, tailored to the role you are doing. It is important you keep on top of your training!

How can I access online training? - Simply log in to

When do I need to take part in online training? - You must complete your training annually.

I’ve already done some online training. Why do I need to do it again? - Sometimes things change, and for our clients and their service users needs to be met, we need to prove your compliance to the latest training.

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Dean Healthcare on Spotify! 🎶

Looking for some music to get you through your working day? We’ve got a song for that! Dean Healthcare is now on Spotify!. We’ve curated some exciting playlists for Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers and Nurses and with new playlists coming on the way very soon, including our Christmas Classics playlist and Feel-Good Fridays playlist!

Listen now, HERE!

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