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November 2023

What Exactly Is A Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

In previous Dean Healthcare blog entries, we’ve explored the benefits of using a Healthcare Recruitment Agency, which you can read HERE as well as what it takes to work in the sector, which you can also read HERE, and now we will define exactly what a Healthcare Recruitment Agency is! Join us in today’s blog as we describe this unique sector, explore the people who work for Healthcare Recruitment Agencies, explain who is supported by them and find out details how daily operations work in this exciting and ever-changing environment.

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What is a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

A Healthcare Recruitment Agency is an organisation that specialises in connecting healthcare professionals, such as Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers or Nurses, with job opportunities in the healthcare industry. These agencies serve as intermediaries between health and social care facilities and healthcare professionals, with recruiters using their skills and expertise in the industry with knowledge, communication and care at the forefront of what they do.

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Who works in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

Nurses, Support Workers and Carers, as well as specialists such as those who have experience supporting service users and residents with learning disabilities, mental health needs, and specific health related conditions.

Their role:

  • The role of a Healthcare Professional is very hands on, with responsibilities including helping service users with personal care such as getting dressed, hygiene tasks, supporting eating and drinking and assisting with mobility and possibly administering medication.
  • They also promote independence and problem-solving, helping someone reach their potential in day-to-day tasks such as creating shopping lists, budgeting for the week ahead and making a list of daily or weekly responsibilities and chores, as well as facilitating social occasions and trips.
  • In addition to this, it is common for a Healthcare Professional to assist with daily medication, record keeping of this medication, relaying important and sometimes sensitive information to those involved in a residents care, along with conducting assessments about an individual. Each of these responsibilities will depend on the service user, care setting and their specific role, however.

Who are the workers supported by?

The agencies team of recruiters, co-ordinators and all the management and administrative staff behind the scenes!

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Who is supported by a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

The majority of provisions for health and social care will need support from a relevant agency from time to time. The industry often can struggle to attract workers, and flexibility and scheduling do not match- this is where an agency can assist. By being able to provide last minute cover for holidays and sickness absences, to being able to source excellent permanent candidates; healthcare agencies are able to support various settings with a wide range of needs, from clinical settings such as mental health hospitals, to supporting service users in their own homes with day to day tasks.

Dean Healthcare proudly supports an array of services with their permanent and temporary recruitment, including:

  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Respite services
  • Children's provisions
  • Learning disability services
  • Community and domiciliary services
  • Mental health specialist services

And many others!

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How do operations work in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

No two days are the same in a dynamic and fast-moving environment such as a Healthcare Recruitment Agency. The specific tasks and activities may vary depending on the size of the agency, its focus and the current demands of the ever-changing healthcare job market. A general overview of what an average day might look like could include; speaking to clients and workers throughout, recording and administering to databases and systems, processing applications and meeting with potential new workers, filling shifts, taking requests for cover, liaising with external bodies and regulatory organisations, advertising and sharing information (like this blog!) and planning for training needs.

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Why you should choose to work in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Working for a Healthcare Recruitment Agency as a healthcare professional can be highly beneficial with lots of advantageous incentives when compared with other roles in the sector. You’ll have the ability to work on a temporary or permanent basis; temporary work is great for those looking for flexibility around other commitments, or looking to find the right fit within a care setting- these roles are particularly popular for students.

Alternatively, using an agency to find permanent work will help you to find the right fit and support you through the application and onboarding stages.

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies, such as Dean Healthcare, provide weekly pay, allow for greater flexibility in working hours and to combat life’s hiccups along the way. Holiday pay is accrued too, meaning you’ll earn additional holiday as you work. In addition to this, a reputable agency will provide a dedicated team of Recruiters to support your needs as a Healthcare Professional, including checking in on your wellbeing, exploring shift availability in your area and being on hand to remind you of upcoming training and pin revalidation, continuously supporting your growth and development within the field.

And working as a Healthcare recruitment consultant will teach you plenty of new skills, help you to use pre-existing knowledge and as well as good pay and perks, you will finish every day knowing you made a difference.

If you’d like to learn more about working for an established Healthcare Recruitment Agency, you might want to consider working with us at Dean Healthcare. We support many Healthcare Professionals providing care to thousands of people across the South West of England and Wales. To find our latest roles and opportunities, please visit